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With your donation you help to outlaw and eradicate Female Genital Mutilation worldwide!

Enormous efforts are needed to achieve this:
Raising awareness among the authorities,
Raising awareness among the rulers of those countries where FGM is practiced,
and raising awareness among those people who do not know about this cruel ordeal.

Only when laws are changed can women and girls in all parts of the world live a life free from fear and abuse.
Only when FGM is officially abolished in a state will there be an opportunity to hold perpetrators* accountable.

THANK YOU for donating and helping NOW!
African Women's Organisation - FGM Project
Bank Austria
IBAN: AT35 1200 0230 1144 3500




WE CHANGE WOMEN'S LIVES - For the right to integrity!
  • FGM Research

    The development of the last years shows that the number of women immigrating to Austria from countries practicing female genital mutilation is continuously increasing.

  • Awareness Campaigns International

    Help us to stop female genital mutilation worldwide! This requires education & networking in the fight against FGM.

  • Awareness Campaigns national

    Help us to stop FGM in Austria!
    FGM is also a problem in Austria and is performed on African migrant women and their daughters.

  • Counseling center "Bright Future"

    "Bright Future", the first counselling centre in Austria for FGM victims. To ensure good counselling we need your support!